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"I know there are people who are Leslie and Ron shippers, as they say, but their relationship is so great as platonic friends without any hint of any interest in each other. If you aren't watching, well, you probably didn't make it all the way down to the end of this article.LEARN MORE Join tour guides Rich & Cindy on a relaxed walk as they narrate the history of the gardens, educate of the colorful plants, exquisite birds, and the literal myriad of wildlife that calls the Arboretum home."You have this small, loser town filled with loser people and Tom's at least kind of cool.The reality is, if you were a young attractive woman in Pawnee, and you worked with a guy who's kinda cool even if he's a dope, at some point you'd say, let's just try it."So what happens next?With some help from the Parks and Recreation gang, here are some common scenarios and struggles people are going through today as we try to figure out what dating actually is in the 21st century.Trying to Introduce Yourself Without Sounding Conceited"So tell me about yourself" the daunting question that isn't only asked during job interviews.

And while "Love at First Right Swipe" is likely to be the next plot for a Nicolas Sparks novel, there are some things in dating that anyone at any age will more likely experience at some point in their lives.

LEARN MORE Coordinator Cynthia Donald arranges teams to census sparrows and tally towhees from Queen Valley and Whitlow Dam to Hewitt Station Road, desert foothills below Picketpost Mountain, here at BTA and the town of Superior - and up Queen Creek Canyon to the Oak Flat campground.

LEARN MORE Start the New Year off right with a guided nature hike at Red Rock State Park!

Ponad wiek temu Damon poprzysiągł Stefanowi wieczne cierpienie, dlatego że był jego rywalem w miłości do pięknej Katheriny, której Elena jest potomkinią.

fans, raise your hands if you totally called the twist in the latest episode that Ann (Rashida Jones) and Tom (Aziz Ansari) would get together! It was the shocker that (we believe) no one saw coming, and now: amount of time?

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