Myths and facts on dating violence

Relationship violence among teenagers exists and can include physical, sexual and emotional abuse.And, not all domestic partners can be or are married.

For many victims it is the most damaging aspect of abusive relationships. They are not the stereotypical muscle-bound men portrayed in the media.Separating the myths from the facts is an important first step in acknowledging the problem and working to eliminate it. It is important to stop the stalker as soon as possible.The sooner action is taken, be it a police caution, warning or arrest, the greater the chance of stopping the stalking.Signs of an abusive relationship include jealousy, possessiveness, isolating and controlling behavior, threats and intimidations, put-downs and name-calling, yelling, breaking things, physical and sexual assault, and financial coercion or control.The rate of dating/domestic violence among undergraduate and graduate students is about the same rate as in the general population.

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Remember, having sex even once can result in an unplanned pregnancy, an STD (sexually transmitted disease) or both!

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