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With all the changes that are happening in the payment card industry these days, I’ve been thinking about security around it.

EMV/Chip and PIN is coming and there are weird things happening around NFC/Apple Pay/Google Wallet/Tap to Pay.

I’m not a PCI-DSS expert, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

Unlike HIPAA which has the force of law behind it, or things like ISO 27001 which are openly discussed standards, that aim to be best practice, but are optional, PCI-DSS is an agreement by all third-parties and is handled under contract law.It turns out that graphics cards are pretty well suited for making hashes as they are parallel processing powerhouses.According to these estimates(this is in the same ballpark), an AMD R9 290X graphics card(currently retailing for around 0), can generate around 2,900,000,000 SHA-1 hashes/second.It is the goal of this article to perhaps question that notion.So if your credit card can’t be stored in a truncated fashion, I’m going to guess it is probably going to be a hash. The atoms in the paper haven’t been destroyed, but the process is not ever going to be reversed.

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2 is the maximum number of hashes possible in SHA-1. But we actually don’t need to search through all of those hashes to find every hashed credit card.

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