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Furthermore, because these people come from different islands and even nations and spoke different languages, they together developed a new pidgin language called Chavacano.

In addition to this, select cities such as Iloilo, Bacolod, Dumaguete, Cebu and Cavite, which were home to military fortifications and/or commercial ports during the Spanish era also hold sizable mestizo communities.

Zamboangueño courtship traditions are elaborate and regulated by a long list of required social graces.

For example, a perfectly respectable Zamboangueño gentleman (caballero) would not sit unless permitted to do so by the woman’s parents, he then had to endure questions pertaining to his lineage, credentials and occupation.

Finally, the courtship curfew, and the need to cultivate the goodwill of all the members of the woman’s family were paramount considerations before any headway could be made in pursuing a Zamboangueño señorita’s hand in marriage.

Zamboangueño songs and dances are derived primarily from Iberian performances.

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