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The Chinese army has come up with a new way of recruiting new people by showing off some of its current handsome soldiers.

In the patriotic footage, toned shirtless soldiers can be seen flexing their muscles in a video dubbed 'the Power of China'.

The line is a quote from a Japanese animation classic, and it is used to warn viewers that an intense scene is coming up.

He is then seen putting on his uniform and holding a rifle.In text messages, she cited the 1980s BBC political satire “Yes Minister,” which can be viewed on video-streaming website Ac Fun.In the episodes, users have added fan favorite — “High energy ahead! ” — is an homage to the phenomenon’s roots in the so-called animation, comics, and games (ACG) community, and, further back in history, Japan.One member of the armed police surnamed Yang became famous after he blew a kiss to the camera in an advertisement.Watching a clip on Chinese video-streaming website Bilibili can be confusing — words in different colors suddenly appear out of nowhere and swoop across the screen, bombarding the viewer with jokes and snarky remarks about the video they are watching.

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